Bobbie Draper: Highpoly Progress

Work In Progress / 16 May 2019

Here's the latest. I've been rebuilding the initial zbrush armor sketch to be completely sub-d in modo and Maya.

I've also made some refinements to, and added some details to her face.

The upper body is mostly cleaned up, but the lower body still has a few large sections which haven't been touched yet. Screenshots out of Maya:

Here's a look at how I went about rebuilding the armor pieces.

1. Started laying out basic volumes and shells using mostly retopology tools to trace over the zbrush sketch:

2. Added more pieces, and started closing holes and refining the mesh without adhering 100% to the zbrush model:

3. Tightened things up and added some material definition:

4. Brought in some smaller details, continued to make things watertight, and more refinements:

5. Fleshed out more of the mesh, and combined the retoped parts with the clean mesh to see how everything is working together, plus a wireframe view: