Bobbie Draper: Highpoly Progress

Work In Progress / 16 May 2019

Here's the latest. I've been rebuilding the initial zbrush armor sketch to be completely sub-d in modo and Maya.

I've also made some refinements to, and added some details to her face.

The upper body is mostly cleaned up, but the lower body still has a few large sections which haven't been touched yet. Screenshots out of Maya:

Here's a look at how I went about rebuilding the armor pieces.

1. Started laying out basic volumes and shells using mostly retopology tools to trace over the zbrush sketch:

2. Added more pieces, and started closing holes and refining the mesh without adhering 100% to the zbrush model:

3. Tightened things up and added some material definition:

4. Brought in some smaller details, continued to make things watertight, and more refinements:

5. Fleshed out more of the mesh, and combined the retoped parts with the clean mesh to see how everything is working together, plus a wireframe view:


Bobbie Draper WIP

Work In Progress / 09 April 2019

First blog post!

I've decided to revisit and complete this character from the Expanse novels. I always imagined her armor as sort of a blend between the Halo Spartans and Terran marines from StarCraft. Basically as heavy as you can get without completely destroying the character's anatomy to fit in the suit.

I'm pretty happy with the armor design and her look overall now, but most parts are still a rough concept sculpt, so I'll be documenting my progress finalizing the model from time to time here.